We work with you to build a strategic plan to achieve your goals, with deliverables, time tables, and measurable results. We know how to implement strategic plans that move you toward your goal.


We shape the decision-making environment through earned media, and we intervene directly with individuals who will help your cause.


Ultimately, you want results - passing a bill, boosting your credibility or favorability, increasing revenues or fundraising. We set goals with clients - and meet them.

Our Capabilities

Public Affairs Engagement provides a full suite of communications, third party validation, thought leadership, and earned media capabilities to help our clients achieve their goals. Our team members are products of political campaigns, Capitol Hill, journalism, business and industry. We strive to understand the issues from our client’s point of view and we know how to implement strategic plans that move the client toward their goal.

  • Communications Strategy – we work with our clients to develop creative, smart, and aggressive communications plans including detailed calendars and timelines with deliverables, targeting national, state and local media, and execute those plans to deliver real results.
  • Messaging – we provide expertise and good judgment to help clients articulate their messages to key audiences on global, national and local levels. This process includes developing the right message, identifying trusted messengers and using the appropriate medium to spread the word.

    – Message Targeting – we know that the inside the beltway media aren’t always the best mediums for reaching our targets. We excel at driving messages from outside the beltway to targets inside the beltway to make changes on Capitol Hill.

    – Message Amplification – we have experience employing a wide range of tactics to get our messages out including press releases, In Case You Missed Its (ICYMIs), audio news releases, satellite media tours, radio tours, special events, and much more.

  • Coalition Development – we know that sometimes it’s better to have a chorus of voices on message to reach a target. We are an industry leader in assembling coalitions that achieve our client’s goals.
  • Third Party Validation – we work with third party allies to generate and validate the messages we develop, communicating them through published opinion editorials, letters to the editor, interviews, editorial board visits, feature story pitching and more.
  • Thought Leadership – we build our messengers reputations to become trusted experts in their field or on specific issues, establishing their voices as go-to resources for reporters, lawmakers and others. As part of this process, we identify speaking engagements and other opportunities to promote the messengers and gain credibility.
  • Media Training – we work with our messengers to make sure they are comfortable telling their story and are prepared to handle the challenges that come their way from the media and other stakeholders.
  • Media Outreach – we create energy around our earned media coverage and build momentum for our campaigns. Important elements to our success in this area include:

    – Pitching – we follow-up with reporters to generate interest in our issues and, ultimately, good coverage.

    – Media Events – we plan and execute events to keep reporters informed of our activities, including press conferences, briefings, roundtable discussions and more.

    – Reporter Relationship Development – we connect our clients and their messengers with key reporters through media packages, desk side meetings, editorial board meetings, and more.

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